Want to Shop More Sustainably on Black Friday? Try These 10 Eco-Friendly Brands

Have you considered a more eco-friendly shopping experience for this Black Friday? Seeking out ethical shopping opportunities from the start can help the environment and boost small businesses.

Shopping ethically means buying things that are made from organic, sustainable materials, cruelty-free and by fair trade companies. It also means avoiding products that aren’t ethical or sustainable — such as those made by a company that has unsafe working conditions.

By shopping ethically, you can choose to support eco-friendly companies that have adopted environmentally sustainable practices, have strong workers’ rights and do not test products on animals, according to Ethical Consumer.  Shopping ethically doesn’t have to be an afterthought. If you know what you’d like to buy, you can search for eco-friendly brands first to see if you can find a similar product to what you would have gotten from a big box store or major online retailer. 

Here are 10 brands to check out to help you make more eco-friendly choices this holiday shopping season. The default shipping for many is in Europe, but if you’re ordering from another country, you can specify that during checkout.