Transparent Tarpaulin Side Panels,Outdoor Clear Waterproof

Transparent Tarpaulin Side Panels,Outdoor Clear Waterproof Pvc Plastic Tarp Curtains,With Eyelets,Porch Pergola Patio Gazebo Garden Protective Tarpaulin Partition Curtains,W×H-4×2.3m(13.1*7.5m)

❤Clear tarp curtains can provide you with maximum protection, ideal for garden, pergola, patio, balcony, porch, gazebo, tent, against rain, snow, frost weather and dust, and also guarantee your clear vision;
❤The side panels of the tarpaulin have metal grommets on the edges, which are easy to install; we can customize the tarpaulin according to your needs, if you need tarpaulin with grommets only on the top, top bottom or three sides, please contact us by email;

❤Product parameters:
Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Process: high temperature splicing
Color: grey + transparent
Thickness: About 0.3mm
Hole distance: about 40cm
Waterproof index: 100%
Size: Various sizes, support customization
Quantity: Transparent tarpaulin curtain × 1

❤ Product Features:
PVC waterproof transparent tarpaulin, soft texture, foldable, wear-resistant, durable;
Metal grommets, beautiful and tear-resistant, can support the weight of the tarp curtain itself, easy to install;
The transparent tarpaulin in the middle will not block your sight, providing you with a clear view;

If you have any questions, please contact us by email first, we will help you as soon as possible.

  • ❤Material: The side panels of the tarpaulin are made of high-quality PVC plastic coated tarpaulin (gray part) and transparent tarpaulin, made by high temperature heat sealing, with a thickness of about 0.3mm, tear resistance and long service life;
  • ❤Waterproof: 100% waterproof tarp curtains, which can effectively prevent rain, snow and dirt from entering, provide you with maximum protection, and can also be insulated against cold and keep the room warm;
  • ❤Transparency: The transparency of the clear tarpaulin in the middle of the waterproof tarpaulin curtain is 99%, it will not block the sight, you can see the clear scenery outside through the tarpaulin, and feel the nature at close range;
  • ❤Design: The transparent waterproof tarpaulin is soft in texture, foldable, easy to carry and store; there are metal grommets around the edges with a spacing of about 40cm, beautiful and durable, easy to install;
  • ❤Application: Transparent tarpaulin side panels are ideal for pergola, garden, patio, gazebo, porch, balcony, tent, carport, canopy, greenhouse, auto repair and cleaning services;
Weight: 260 g
Brand: Suwooy
Model: 19041
Colour: W×h
Colour: W×h