The Xbox Series S gets a crazy Black Friday deal

(Pocket-lint) – Amazon UK has slashed GBP60 off the price of the Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s bargain console, taking it down to just GBP189.99, an astonishing price relative to its quality. This is the best way we’ve seen to get into current-gen gaming – it’s that simple. It’s a 24% reduction and might just be the standout deal of Black Friday 2022 so far.

Xbox Series S - save 24%

Xbox Series S – save 24%

Bringing the Xbox Series S down to just GBP189.99, this is a crazy good deal that will fast-track you into current-gen gaming.


The Series S might not grab every headline thanks to its lower-powered hardware compared to the Xbox Series X, but it’s a superb choice for families and anyone operating on a budget.

It’s small and mighty, with no disc drive to speak of but a really impressive design that looks nicer than any other major console right now, arguably. If you pair this with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass, you’ll really be in business – this is basically the most affordable way to play some of the biggest games on the market right now, from Halo Infinite to Forza Horizon 5. squirrel_widget_158169

If you’ve been hesitating over picking up a new console or you’re still using an Xbox One, this is a great opportunity to make the leap without breaking the bank at all.

Check out our full review of the Xbox Series S for more details, if you’re still on the fence.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.