LG CordZero vs Samsung Bespoke Jet vaccum

Looking at high-end cordless vacuums? Two of the best options on the market are LG’s CordZero and Samsung’s Bespoke Jet. Both are smart, battery-powered vacuums that can do a little bit of everything, ideal for whole-house cleaning.

We’ve reviewed both models, and we’re ready to pit them head-to-head to see which comes out on top.

Cordless vacuum design and cleaning features

Samsung Bespoke Jet in an empty hallway.

Both the CordZero and the Bespoke Jet are all-in-one vacuum kits with stations that house the stick vacuums, charge their batteries, and store important cleaning attachments. Both models also have the interesting capability to empty into a larger bin when they are charging, which can save you a little time when it comes to quick cleaning projects. The Bespoke Jet uses a HexaJet motor to power its suction, which supplies a total of 210AW to the vacuum.

The CordZero, meanwhile, uses a smart inverter motor for its suction. They’re both very powerful vacuums that can put out a serious amount of suction while the battery lasts, and we were deeply impressed in our reviews at just how well they can clean with their brush heads. Both vacuums also have excellent HEPA-level or higher filtration to capture dust reliably, although you do need to keep an eye on what filters need to be cleaned and which need to be replaced.

The biggest differences here are the look of the vacuums and how the controls work.

LG offers more options with its touch control panel, while Samsung offers more information with its digital readout that shows the remaining running time and more. However, LG offers connectivity with its ThinQ smart app, and we really like how you can use it to track cleaning history, run diagnostics, and other capabilities. That just barely pushes LG to the front for us.

Winner: LG CordZero

Vacuum cleaning modes and attachments

Both these cordless vacuums have a variety of tools in their kits for different purposes. Samsung offers a crevice tool, along with a flexible tool for hard-to-reach places and a motorized pet tool to remove patches of resistant pet hair. You can also collapse the stick part of the vacuum down to three different lengths for easier operation or switch to handheld mode.

You can also choose between several different power modes for more suction, which is a very handy feature. But LG really goes above and beyond here with a masterful set of abilities and attachments. The CordZero can fully convert to a handheld model to clean tables and has six different attachments, including a crevice tool, a two-in-one combination tool, and, most notably, a power mop nozzle that can provide a brisk mopping for hard flooring without the mess of a mop bucket.

The Bespoke Jet can’t really compete with all of that. Winner: Lg CordZero

Battery life on LG CordZero and Samsung Bespoke Jet

LG CordZero Stick Vacuum.

Battery life and battery efficiency are always some of the most important features for cordless vacuums, which need strong batteries to produce powerful suction. On paper, both the CordZero and the Bespoke Jet look the same: They both come with two battery packs that can be charged at the station, and both are rated for 60 minutes of use.

That may make them seem like they’re identical, but our reviews showed a different story. We found that the Bespoke Jet ran through its battery too quickly, especially on higher power levels, while the CordZero was incredibly efficient with its battery, ensuring that it lasted a long time before needing to be replaced.

Winner: LG CordZero

The weight of the cordless vacuums

When you’re carrying a cordless vacuum around the house, weight becomes a pretty important factor in your cleaning comfort. While weight varies a little bit based on the attachments that you use, the Samsung Bespoke Jet wins out here with a weight of around 3.17 pounds.

The LG model is a heavier vac that weighs in at around 5.95 pounds, so it’s a bit harder to lug around for long periods of time. Winner: Samsung Bespoke Jet

Cleaning noise levels

CordZero in Handheld Mode.

Do you prefer to keep things quiet when you’re cleaning? Well, neither of these powerful vacuums are very quiet, unfortunately.

The Bespoke Jet tops out at around 75 to 85 decibels depending on mode and measurements, while LG rates its vacuum cleaner 84 decibels. That’s some seriously loud cleaning power, at the point where we would start recommending earplugs if the noise bothers you. Winner: Tie


These are some expensive vacuum cleaners.

We’re talking into Dyson and Roomba ranges to purchase one of these high-end vacs. But if you do want to save money, the Bespoke Jet is your best option: Samsung is selling it for £600. LG’s model costs a whopping £1,000, but it’s important to keep in mind that it also has mopping functionality, so you’re sort of getting two cleaners in one, which adds a lot of value.

Winner: Samsung Bespoke Jet

Which cordless vacuum takes the lead?

We rarely give out perfect ratings for our vacuums, but LG’s do-it-all CordZero received one, and for good reason. Its mopping option, power, excellent battery life, and app compatibility simply make it one of the best vacuums you can buy. It’s also one of the most expensive vacuums you can buy, so that is a significant downside.

Those who want to save money should consider the Samsung Bespoke Jet as an alternative.

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