Best SD & microSD card deals for Black Friday 2022

(Pocket-lint) – The Black Friday sales are nearly here – falling on 25 November in 2022, followed by Cyber Monday on 28 November – but early deals have already started. There are some superb deals on microSD and SD cards for the likes of Android smartphones, cameras, or the Nintendo Switch. We’ve rounded up the best ones right here, and we’ll continue to update this page throughout the sale period.

We’re highlighting many of the best deals around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period, based on the US and UK. You can quick-jump to the section you want with the links below. UK Black Friday SD card deals | US Black Friday SD card deals

For now, since the sales haven’t gone live, we’ve left a selection of last year’s best deals below. This should give you a firm idea of what to expect in 2022.


Best US Black Friday SD card deals

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Samsung Pro Plus 256GB micro SD- save 19%

Samsung Pro Plus 256GB micro SD- save 19%

A high-performance card with a massive capacity, at an amazing price. It comes with an adapter, too, so you can use it as an SD card or microSD card.

A steal at just £26.88.

Samsung Evo Plus 256GB - save £20

Samsung Evo Plus 256GB – save £20

This is a speedy SD card with boatloads of storage, and it’s at the best price we’ve seen so far. An absolute bargain for just £19.99.

Best UK Black Friday SD card deals

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SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB - save 49%

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB – save 49%

The SanDisk Extreme Pro cards are widely regarded as some of the best SD cards money can buy. With a massive 49 per cent reduction, this is the cheapest 128GB offer we’ve seen at just GBP21.99.

Samsung Evo Select 512GB - save GBP22

Samsung Evo Select 512GB – save GBP22

This card has a huge amount of storage and is V30-rated for the latest video codecs.

With a huge reduction in price, it’s available for just GBP37.99.

Why you need a microSD card

Considering most modern Android smartphones, digital cameras and the Nintendo Switch require a multimedia card for storage expansion, with the last of those nigh-on demanding one to play anything but the smallest of indie games, it’s a good idea to get a card in order to make the most of your devices. A triple-A Switch game, for example, takes up between 5GB and 25GB of storage space, so getting your hands on a 128GB card means you can store more than 20 extra games. If you already own a Nintendo Switch you’ll know exactly how frustrating it can be to archive a game (uninstall it) just to play another.

One of the most important things to note is the speed – cards that boast speeds of 100Mb/s (V30) and above are ideal for Switch gaming, although you can opt for something a little slower if you don’t mind longer loading times. That V30 speed is also fine for HD video capture, with the faster speeds (from V60/V90 UHS-II card types) aimed at vloggers and enthusiast videographers. The V90 cards cost a lot more money, but are much faster, designed for 4K or even 8K video capture at high bitrates – so most people won’t need those unless for specific tasks.

A final word of warning: stick to the known brands when it comes to buying a card. Lexar, SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, Panasonic, PNY are the most prominent and reliable. We’ve heard many a story about apparent knock-off cards in the market – those with naff names, typically – that offer far less storage capacity and/or speed when they arrive.

We’ll only highlight reliable sources in our deals.

More Black Friday 2022 UK deals

There are more Black Friday offers around today, and we’ve compiled them right here: 

Writing by Luke Baker and Max Freeman-Mills.