PHIVILLA Sets of 2 Garden Folding Chairs with Aluminum

PHIVILLA Sets of 2 Garden Folding Chairs with Aluminum Frame,6X Adjustable with 7 Seating Positions,High Back Outdoor Patio Chairs Weather Resistant (Textilene Padded)

Be flexible with foldable and stackable outdoor dining chairs If you have a spacious patio, you likely want to be flexible with seating. You might need a lot of seating when entertaining guests. But it’s always nice to have the extra space for sunbathing or playing in the grass between parties. Several of our garden chairs are stackable or foldable. This making them easy to re-organise if your planning for a gathering with a group of friends. These folding garden chairs are also a great option if you have a smaller garden or balcony. This because they can easily be put aside when you need the space for other activities.

  • Good garden dining chairs for all types of outdoor tables, 6X adjustable with 7 seating positions makes each of the guests a comfortable seat.
Weight: 13 Kilograms
Dimensions: 59 x 68 x 107 cm; 13 Kilograms
Model: PV029030