Pergear Portable Air Assist Pump, Compatible with Atomstack

Pergear Portable Air Assist Pump, Compatible with Atomstack S10 PRO, A10 Pro X7 Pro and Pergear Laserstorm S10 S5 Laser Engraver, 10-30L/min Adjustable Airflow, Easy to Install, Quick Cooling

Packing Includes: 

Fixing screw*4

Fixed cable tie*4

Hexagon wrench*1

Air pump for laser work*1

2 meters of air pipe*1

Dedicated replacement filter glass*1

Modified wind hood*2 

  • 10-30L/min adjustable airflow: The Air-Assist set is equipped with 10-30L/min adjustable airflow, which can effectively remove the smoke and dust generated in the process of laser cutting/engraving, prevent the smoke and dust from causing laser energy attenuation, ensure the stability of laser energy, and make your engraving/engraving Cut pieces for best results.
  • Powerful airflow: The powerful airflow can quickly reduce the surface temperature of the cutting/engraving object, prevent excessive burning, and make the cutting edge cleaner and smoother.
  • Low noise: Only 60dB of noise during the working process, gives you a quiet laser engraving and cutting environment.
  • Easy and convenient: Easy to install and use, no need to buy additional accessories, just two steps to install and use.
  • Wide compatibility: Specially designed for Pergear Laserstorm S10, S5 and Atomstack S10 PRO, A10 Pro and X7 Pro laser engraver machines.
Weight: 1.06 kg
Dimensions: 22.6 x 17.3 x 11.3 cm; 1.06 Kilograms
Part: Pergear Air Assist
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: PERGEAR
Quantity: 1
Reference: Pergear Air Assist