Lechuza CANTO Stone 40 High Self Watering Planter Large

Lechuza CANTO Stone 40 High Self Watering Planter Large Garden Flower Plant Pot Indoor/Outdoor Floor Planter with Drainage Hole and Plant Substrate Poly Resin H70 L40 W40 cm Sand Beige

  • Self-watering floor planter with removable planter liner, water level indicator and plant substrate
  • LECHUZA planter and plant liner are different in height. Due to this difference, a space is formed inside – a container for water
  • Drainage holes in the inner pot helps the moisture to flow into the substrate from a water tank. Water level indicator shows when there is enough water, and when it needs to be added
  • Water from above for the first few weeks until the roots reach the water reservoir. Then fill the water reservoir half way with water. If the water level drops in the next few days, you can fill the water reservoir to “max”
  • Plant pot with drainage hole can be used indoor and outdoor. Flower pot is made of high-quality shockproof poly-resin with glossy surface. Resistant to UV rays
  • Beige tall square planter measure is H70 L40 W40 cm, 29 ltrs Cap. Also available in H56 L30 W30 cm
  • Plant pot: Internal measurements shown without the self watering system. Please remember that this will occupy some space inside the unit reducing your overall planting space
Weight: 7.8 Kilograms
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 76 cm; 7.8 Kilograms
Brand: Lechuza
Model: 13621
Part: 13621
Colour: Sand Beige
Pack Quantity: 1
Manufacture: PLAYMOBIL
Assembly: No
Colour: Sand Beige
Quantity: 1