Product Review of Edgenuity’s Pathblazer

Spread the love Is a supplemental, online intervention program that helps move struggling learners up to grade-level proficiency in both math and reading. The program prescribes individualized learning pathways with fun, motivating content that addresses skill and concept gaps.

Plus, Pathblazer is Common Core and state standards-aligned, so learners aren't just catching up, they are mastering standards. With skills available for learners from kindergarten to 8th grade, Edgenuity's Pathblazer can easily provide learners with the targeted instruction they need to close learning gaps, even at the foundational level. All while offering clear and easy-to-read data and reporting so educators can monitor learner progress at a glance and quickly step in to offer extra help when it's needed.

Website: What Users Love About the App "When we started using this program I was excited about the opportunities for our children to work online.

The software gave me the ability to check on learning comprehension through their instruction, assignment and quiz grades. Online learning is great on Edgenuity." "I like that it is a program that is very user friendly, and that the students can advance to the next level with ease and not feeling defeated.

It has very good skills assessments and the variety of activities are great for building ELA (English Language Acquisition)." "The ease of use once this program has been set up for specific students, makes it easy to craft specific lessons for the student. You, as a teacher, are able to create folders with specific work.

You can also see how long a student spent on work so that you are able to track whether or not they just skipped around or really spent the time to do the work." "Compass Learning is user friendly and provides resources for students and teachers." "I enjoy how the system runs a diagnostic on the students' understanding and then sets forth lessons which will be helpful and useful for them at their level."

What Users Dislike About the App "Recently we went from fully online to a hybrid schedule. My students who are in class are struggling with keeping up with both their online platforms and the in class work.

I wish there was a way to print and scan some items in so that I can still have everything in one place and not split." "I lost confidence and interest when I realized that ELA Pathblazer was giving incorrect answers. My daughter (1st gr.) became frustrated completing activities assigned by her teacher, claiming, "Pathblazer is wrong mommy, it said I was wrong, but then gave the same answer I picked!" Only when I answered her question did I realize she was correct."

"The problem is they do not get the best teachers to teach their courses. Also the quality of the teachers video is so poor it creates a distraction from the content." "Just diving in, isn't an option for Compass learning.

You need to make sure that you take the time to do the trainings as provided."

"Some of the interface could be updated or with helpful hints/instructions when you hover or certain points in the program in case you get momentarily lost about what you are doing."