The only hair tool I bother to use anymore is on sale for only $34 right now

Left: My natural hair texture; right: After using the Revlon One-Step brush.

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If there's one type of person I can't relate to, it's those with the manual dexterity to wrangle a round brush and a blow dryer in elegant choreography to achieve smooth, voluminous, salon-quality blowouts. (French braid wizardry is a close second.) Without the addition of a third arm, my options have always been flat-ironing all the personality out of my hair, curling it until I look like Dolly Parton, or wearing it au naturel and having to reassure everyone that I haven't just been electrocuted. Or I suppose I could spend an arm and a leg at a blow-dry bar. But as I've established, I need to grow an arm, not spend one.