The one gadget wine people care about is 25% off right now


I love wine but my head isn't perpetually buried in prestige Barolos and Burgundies the way some of my friend's are. I recently asked a few of my most oenophilic associates if there was a gadget or piece of wine gear that they liked most. The answer came back in near-unanimous fashion: Coravin's wine preservation system, and it's on sale right now. 

The Coravin allows you to pour wine from any bottle without uncorking it.

This preserves the wine so you can drink it as slowly as you'd like, and move from bottle to bottle without fear of spoiling. Coravins have been priced between £150 and £200 for the entry-level models but we just spotted the Coravin Timeless Three SL Wine Preservation System on sale for £112 -- a full £38 off the list price -- at both Macy's and Amazon. How does it work? A needle punctures the cork gently allowing you to pour wine from any bottle.

As you tilt the bottle back up, the mechanism releases argon gas -- an inert gas used in the wine-making process -- back into the bottle to prevent oxidation for the remaining wine. Voila!  I recently got to try this model and it was simple to operate.

This is my absolute No.

1 gift suggestion for a wine drinker this holiday, and you may not find it any cheaper than this. Important note: Coravin also makes a system called the Pivot, priced around £97. That model does not pierce the cork (the cork must be removed) and will only allow you to preserve one bottle at a time.

It's handy, to be certain, but nearly as versatile as the above system, which allows you to pour and preserve an unlimited number of bottles at once.   

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