Here’s how to watch the global 2022 Ford Ranger debut

It's almost Ranger time, friends, but not for us.


It seems like only yesterday that Ford reintroduced its Ranger midsize pickup to the US market (it was actually in 2018), and now the Blue Oval is getting ready to introduce the new Ranger. Only this time, the one getting debuted isn't for the US.

The global market 2022 Ford Ranger will make its debut online on Tuesday, today, at 11:15 p.m. PT, and you can watch the whole thing here at Roadshow because we'll have the livestream linked in this post.

It's almost too easy.

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First, the rest of the world still buys manual transmissions, and Americans largely do not, so it'll get a three-pedal variant. Also, the ROW Ranger is likely going to get more engine options than we do, specifically when it comes to diesels. Luckily, the powertrain options will probably be the most significant differences between our Ranger and the world's Ranger, so this should provide a good sneak peek at what the next-generation US ranger will look like, which is pretty exciting.

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