Oase Filtral UVC 6000 (New!) Underwater Pond Filter, Pump, UVC

Oase Filtral UVC 6000 (New!) Underwater Pond Filter

SALE PRICE: £149.99

  • Multi-functional compact all in one solution for ponds up to 6000 litres
  • Integrated 2500LPH Pump & 11w UVC
  • Compact filtration unit containing 4 different types of filter media
  • Underwater installation is virtually invisible leaving appearance of the pond undisturbed
  • Includes Oase Clear Water Guarantee

Product description

The new and improved Oase Filtral UVC combines pump, filter and UV into a single, compact, all in one pond filter solution. The Filtral UVC 6000 is ideal for water features and small ponds up to 6000 litres and thanks to its underwater set up, the appearance of the pond remains undisturbed as neither large filter systems or hoses impair the view.

The filter component includes a coarse and fine filter foam, as well as bio-surface elements and ceramic media to ensure both mechanical and biological filtration. Filter maintenance is straightforward thanks to the new easy access clips which allow quick removal of the lid. The Filtral UVC 6000 has an integral 11w UVC which works alongside the filter to eliminate and remove green water algae, for clear and healthy water. The integrated 2500LPH pump powers the system and can also be used to create a small fountain display, run a waterfall or water feature and can also be used to increase aeration when used alongside the Filtral Fountain or Aeration Set (both available separately).

Optional Additional Accessories:

Oase Filtral Fountain Kit (71785)
Interchangeable fountain heads enable 3 different attractive water displays. The fountain display is height-adjustable and can be adapted to suit different water levels.

Oase Filtral Aeration Set (70364)
Innovative aeration function ensures additional oxygen input into the pond. Increased aeration improves the pond Eco-system and also improves filtration.

Weight: 5.43 kg
Dimensions: 36.4 x 29.4 x 22.7 cm; 5.43 Kilograms
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Quantity: 1
Reference: 70238