Devolver Digital's Humble Sale Is Live With Dozens of Discounts

Publisher Devolver Digital has a massive sale currently running with over 60 games up to 90% off for the next week over on Humble Bundle. Some notable titles currently on sale are Gris, Carrion, both Hotline Miami games, and My Friend Pedro. Devolver Digital is perhaps the most established publisher of indie titles in the games industry.

After publishing remakes and spinoffs in the Serious Sam series, Devolver moved on to supporting smaller, independent studios such as Dennaton Games, which made Hotline Miami as its debut title. Now, Devolver is well-known in the indie sphere, especially with last year's release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and this year's groundbreaking indie Loop Hero. Despite being so successful, Devolver is made up of only twenty people, all of whom work remotely.


RELATED: Fall Guys' Squads Mode Breathes New Life Into Team Games In collaboration with Humble Bundle, a digital storefront that gives a share of everything it sells to charity, Devolver Digital has 68 games currently discounted.

This means that players can both purchase some of the indie publisher's best works while also giving to charity, at marked-down prices ranging from 20% off all the way up to 90% off, but most games listed are around 60% to 70% off their original prices. One of the more recently released games making it onto Devolver's massive sale is Skeleton Crew Studio's Olija. In the indie action-adventure, players assume the role of the protagonist Faraday making his way through an island after being shipwrecked.

The main complaint from critics was that Olija is too short for how fun and enveloping it is, making its discounted price of about £10 perfect for a shorter play.


Gris is catching the eyes of many Devolver Digital and indie fans. Having released back in 2018, it's less recent, but still captured the hearts of many gamers. With a unique minimalist design, Gris won several awards such as Best Indie Game, Games for Impact, and Contemporary Art Direction.

Having released last year, Carrion is another newer release on the Devolver Digital sale. Developed by Phobia Game Studio, the horror game Carrion takes on the unique perspective of being the horrible monstrosity instead of fighting one, slowly growing in size as the player kills humans. Hotline Miami and its sequel Wrong Number also made it onto Devolver's sale with big markdowns.

In response to the staggering number of torrents of Hotline Miami, Devolver and one of the game's developers notably said "it's just a fact of life," though "it would be nice if guys could find it within themselves to pay for it." Hotline Miami is currently on sale for less than £3 while its sequel is less than £4 on Humble's site.


One of the biggest games coming up on Devolver Digital's list is Death's Door, where players become a crow in charge of collecting the souls of the dead in a world where nothing has died in years. Death's Door is set to release later this year.

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