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Bosch CleverMixx MSM2610BGB Hand Blender, 600W – Piano Black & Anthracite

Bosch CleverMixx MSM2610BGB Hand Blender

RRP PRICE: £44.99
SALE PRICE: £34.00
YOU SAVE: £10.99

About this item

  • Extra powerful 600 watt motor: power to process challenging ingredients
  • QuattroBlade: ensures optimal cutting action and fine blending results – with AntiSplash function
  • Ergonomic handle: comfortable to hold while blending
  • Easy to use: start blending at the touch of a button
  • Practical mixing/ measuring beaker: for easy measuring and mixing of small quantities
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Product description

Product Description

The Bosch CleverMixx MSM2610BGB Black Hand Blender is the all-round talent for every kitchen. Ingredients are perfectly mixed and properly pureed and with ergonomic handle, the CleverMixx fits perfectly in your hand. With its low noise, vibrations and weight it is ever so simple and comfortable to use. Effortless pureeing and mixing, without annoying splashes thanks to the newly designed stainless steel mixer foot. The new stainless steel mixer foot is rust free and all accessories are dishwasher safe Includes a measuring jug – simply measure off the required quantity of ingredients and mix directly in the mixing jug. There is also a matching Food Processor (MCM3301BGB) and Kettle and Toaster in this Bosch Range.

Box Contains
1 x Bosch MSM2610BGB,
1 x mixing/measuring beaker,

Box Contains

1 x Bosch MSM2610BGB, 1 x mixing/measuring beaker, 1 x stainless steel mixing wand

Weight: 699 g
Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 38 cm; 698.53 Grams
Brand: Bosch
Model: MSM2610BGB
Colour: Black
Colour: Black

From the manufacturer

Main Image

Bosch CleverMixx MSM2610BGB Hand Blender

Product Benefits include:

  • Extra-powerful 600W motor
  • Low noise, lightweight and fast operating
  • Ergonomic handle, which fits perfectly and comfortably in your hand
  • Effortless pureeing, mixing and blending, without splashes
  • All plastics that are in contact with food are BPA free
  • Innovative, sharpened four-winged QuattroBlade, making it easy to puree, blend and chop for perfect operation results

Product Features



Easy Blending

Ergonomic and lightweight

Ergonomic and lightweight design ensures easy handling.

Effortless mixing at your fingertips. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, the device fits your hand comfortably. In addition the low weight makes holding it even easier.

Practical beaker

Practical beaker for measuring and mixing.

Do you often mix small quantities? With the practical mixing/measuring beaker you can measure ingredients and mix small quantities directly in the beaker., saving you time.

Easy blending

Easy blending at the touch of a button.

Blend the easy way and achieve perfect results quickly at the touch of a button. Let the blender do the hard work for you thanks to its consistent blending speed.

Product Features

Detachable mixing foot


Power & Range

Detachable mixing foot

Detachable mixing foot for easy cleaning.

Hassle-free cleaning in just a few simple steps. After you're done, release the mixing foot with a simple twist and easily clean it under running water or in the dishwasher.

Optimum mixing and blending

Efficient cutting action for optimum mixing and blending results.

The durable and extra sharp QuattroBlade delivers outstanding cutting action for fine blending results in no time. Even blending large ingredients is effortless. The AntiSplash function prevents splashes and helps keep your kitchen spotless.

Power to process

Power to process everything quickly.

The convenient way to delicious homemade soups, dips or drinks. With the powerful motor and multifunctional accessories you get perfect results quickly – even when chopping cheese or herbs. The quiet and low-vibration motor makes processing fun and you can enjoy your meal in no time.

Main Image Main Image Main Image Main Image MSM6S90BGB Bosch MaxoMixx MS8CM6160G
Bosch MSM6B150GB Bosch MSM6300GB Bosch CleverMixx MSM2610BGB Bosch CleverMixx MSM2623GGB Bosch ErgoMixx MSM6S90BGB Bosch MaxoMixx MS8CM6160G
Motor Power (W) 300W 600W 600W 600W 750W 1000W
Blender Foot Type & Material Plastic & QuattroBlade knife with 4 blades Plastic Stainless Steel & QuattroBlade knife with 4 blades Stainless Steel & QuattroBlade knife with 4 blades Stainless Steel & QuattroBlade knife with 4 blades Stainless Steel & QuattroBlade Pro + 4 knifes
Max Rotation Speed 12500 min-1 12500 min-1 15.000 min-1 15.000 min-1 14500 min-1 16000 min-1
Speed Settings 1-Stage Variable 1-Stage 1-Stage 12-Stage 12-Stage
Turbo Function No No No No Yes Yes
Soft Touch No Yes No No Yes Yes
Cable Length 1.5m 1.5m 1.2m 1.2m 1.4m 1.4m
Accessories 1 x mixing/measuring (BPA Free) beaker 1 x mixing/measuring (BPA Free) beaker, 1x Chopper & Lid 1 x mixing/measuring (BPA Free) beaker, Mixing wand, 1x Mini Foot, 1x Stainless Steel beaker, 1x Chopper & Lid, 1 x mixing/measuring (BPA Free) beaker, 1x beaker Lid, Stainless Steel Balloon whisks, 1x Food Processor (w. st. steel chopping knife) & Overhead protection 1x Mixing/measuring (BPA Free) beaker, Stainless Steel Balloon whisks, 1x Chopper with Lid,
Weight (kg) 727g 1.34kg 0.928kg 1.3kg 2.03kg 1.516kg