All Seasons Gazebos 3×4.5m Waterproof Pop up Gazebo – Bright Green

All Seasons Gazebos 3x4.5m Waterproof Pop up Gazebo - Bright Green

SALE PRICE: £209.99

  • Pop up Gazebo – Erects in 1 minute
  • Includes 1 year frame warranty and care guide
  • Heavy duty, matt black, rust resistant steel frame
  • Premium Quality Roof – 260g per m2 PVC coated, fully waterproof
  • Package Includes – 8 tent pegs, 4 pieces of guide rope, 4 sand filled leg weights and heavy duty carrier bag

Product description

Colour Name:Bright Green

All Seasons Gazebos, Heavy duty pop up 3m x 4.5m (10ft x 15ft) gazebo / Marquee with choice of colours The Pop up gazebo is fully waterproof and not just showerproof, it will withstand a light shower right up to a torrential downpour whilst keeping you 100% dry. The frame is matt black, rust resistant, and powder coated steel, with 24 support struts for extra stability and has 3 different height settings. No Assembly Needed, Erection of this gazebo is very simple, it has no poles to click into place, just pull the legs out, put the roof cover over the frame (first time only, roof can be left on for future uses) raise the legs to the desired height then lock them into place, it really couldn’t be any more simple and takes a few minutes. It can be used on Grass, Patios, Sand etc. There is a minimum of Approx 7ft clearance around the lowest part when the gazebo is at its highest setting making this perfect for people of all heights In addition to the frame and roof, within this package are the following items: 8 x Tent Pegs and 4 pieces of guide rope (1 for each foot and 1 for each piece of rope) 1 x Heavy duty, fully waterproof 260g / sqm, Carry / Storage Bag with wheels for the gazebo. Roof can stay on the gazebo when in the storage bag 4 x Sandbag leg weight bags (sand not supplied) but dirt, rocks or heavy bottles etc can also be used. When filled to capacity EACH of the 4 bags adds up to 10kgs of weight to the gazebo. The bags simply attach to each leg using Velcro straps All Seasons gazebos are designed for all seasons, and can be used in light to moderate wind, however all pop up gazebos are meant as temporary structures and should never be left unattended for any length of time including overnight. Please note there is a small logo on the canopy

Dimensions: 157 x 26 x 23 cm; 26 Kilograms
Manufacture: All Seasons Gazebos

From the manufacturer


Heavy Duty Fully Waterproof Pop Up Gazebos

All Seasons Gazebos Frames are heavy duty, very strong, Use a lot higher grade steel then most competitors and come with built in support struts.

We don't need 5 Photoshopped people " hanging " off the roof bars to demonstrate the strength of our frame. Our verified customer reviews across our whole range speak for themselves. We Manufacture these ourselves to strict specifications. We don't cut corners or use cheaper raw materials under any circumstances to save a few pounds in the manufacturing process.

Our Roofs are 100% waterproof, Stitching taped and seams heat sealed.

This listing is for a 3×4.5m Pop up gazebo but please view the All Seasons Gazebos Amazon brand store to view the whole range With Gazebos in 5 Sizes, 17 colours and available with or without sides there is sure to be an All Seasons Gazebos pop up gazebo to suit your needs. A comparison chart is at the bottom of the listing to view a selection of our other gazebos


No Assembly needed. Simple " Pop Up " Design

No Assembly Needed, installation of this pop up gazebo is very simple, it has no poles to click into place, just pull the legs out, put the roof cover over the frame (first time only, roof can be left on for future uses) raise the legs to the desired height then lock them into place, it really couldn't be any simpler and takes a minute or 2 to fully erect. We Advise 2 people are needed to erect the gazebo, however it is possible for 1 person with a bit of practice.

The gazebo has 3 Height settings with 1.95m Head Clearance around the edge when at full height with a lot more head room inside with the peak of the roof at 3.2m. The headroom inside is 2.05m

The gazebo is ideal for camping where you need a larger than average gazebo, market traders or in your large back garden. It will comfortably fit a table and 8-10 chairs under it.

Please do measure the space you intend to use this for as 3×4.5m or 10ft x 15ft is a fairly large size.


Key Features of the Gazebo

Built in struts


Reinforced Pressure points on the Rood

Roof Can be left on

Built in Support Struts within the roof

The frame has many support struts within the structure making it a very stable.

You will see with a lot of the budget gazebos on the market where wind bars are needed, however due to the support struts within our pop up gazebo structure these are simply not needed and make our frame a lot stronger.

The amount of premium Steel in our frames is also higher then most budget options that may look very similar in photos but in reality are very different.

  • Makes the gazebo a strong durable structure
  • Eliminates the need for wind bars
  • No plastic used on our frames apart from the stoppers and the top of the centre pole – All the joints of the main frame and the feet of the gazebo are 100% Steel. This adds massively to the integrity of the structure

Fully Waterproof PVC Coated Roof

The roof on ALL our gazebos are fully waterproof, PVC coated and will not let any water in whatsoever.

The stitching is taped and heat sealed so no water can penetrate the stitching

You could put a hose over the roof and the water would not penetrate the material so this gazebo can be used in any level of rain , although never use in extreme wind conditions.

Spare Roofs are always available on Amazon so whether you just want a change of colour or fancy a brand new canopy for the new season these will always be available on Amazon individually

Despite what some other manufacturers claim the PVC coated roof is designed to last and not inferior by any means to PU coated roofs. In Fact we have tried both in our design process and decided PVC coated with the high grade roof materials is a perfect 100% waterproof roof and will last.

Reinforced Pressure points on the Roof

The pressure points of our canopy are all reinforced.

There is extra stress caused on the corners of the fabric as well as at the top of the roof . To make our roof more durable and longer lasting these are all reinforced.with extra fabric

The gazebo can be used on many surfaces such as grass, sand, concrete , patios etc . However always use the leg weights supplied and the guy rope and tent pegs where possible.

1 peg is supplied for each leg and 1 peg for each of the 4 pieces of guy rope that goes on each corner making a total of 8 pegs

Roof Can be left on when the Gazebo is stored or transported

Once you have initially put the roof on the frame there is no need to remove it again.

It can be stored with the roof still on and when you want to put the gazebo up all you do is literally put the legs out and click them into place for instant shelter

Gazebo can also be put in the storage bag with the roof on

Approx length of the packed down gazebo is 160cm.

Folder down

Gazebo Specs at a glance

  • Size: 3×4.5m ( 10ft x 15ft )
  • Size when down: 160cm Length Approx
  • Height Settings: 3 Different settings
  • Clearance around edge of roof: 1.95m / 3.2m To peak of Roof
  • Boxed Weight: Approx 30 Kgs
  • Gazebo legs: Steel tube 30mm x 30mm
  • Gazebo Metal Struts / Cross bars: 0.7mm
  • Gazebo Frame: "Matt black" frosty powder coated heavy duty . 100% Steel
  • Connector: Push button join design
  • Roof: 260g /sqm, Polyester, PVC Coating, with the stitching taped and reinforced roof where the centre pole goes – Fully waterproof

3x4.5m Superior Package 3x4.5m Standard Package 2x2m 3x3 3x6
3×4.5m Pop up Gazebo with 4 Premium Side Walls 3×4.5m Pop up Gazebo with 4 Side Walls 2x2m Pop up Gazebo 3x3m Pop up Gazebo 3x6m Pop up Gazebo
Size 3×4.5 3×4.5m 2x2m 3x3m 3x6m
Side Walls 4 x Premium 4 x Standard None None None
Material of Roof PVC Coated Polyester PVC Coated Polyester PVC Coated Polyester PVC Coated Polyester PVC Coated Polyester
Material of Frame 100% Steel 100% Steel 100% Steel 100% Steel 100% Steel
Fully Waterproof
Colour Choice Choice of up to 17 Colours Choice of up to 17 Colours Choice of up to 17 Colours Choice of up to 17 Colours Choice of up to 17 Colours