KOSCHEAL 2400W Panel LED Plant Grow Light, 510PCS LEDs, Ultra Sunlike Full Spectrum, Dimmable Cool White Light with Daisy Chain, For Indoor Plants Germination, Seedling&Flowering

KOSCHEAL 2400W Panel LED Plant Grow Light

SALE PRICE: £209.99
YOU SAVE: £21.00

  • VEG BLOOM Functions: According to the needs of growing plants at different phases, the VEG and BLOOM design provides different light source. VEG for seedling growth, BLOOM for fruiting and flowering. Also you can use both VEG and BLOOM switches to feature a more Red/Blue heavy output to deliver maximum performance from seedling to final flowering
  • Triple Chips SMD-LED Technology: The chip scale package uses SMD-LED technology(total 600 leds). It is scientifically engineered to keep the balance of the PAR/Lumen output, coverage and longer lifespan. The light includes red, blue, white, IR and UV which are similar to the sunshine, ideal for all kinds of indoor plants veg and flower at all growth stages
  • No Reflector&No Danger: Many others’ grow lights use led spotlight reflector to make the light look more beautiful, but it is not heat-resistant. If a short circuit occurs, reflector at 80℃ is easy to melt and fire. Also reflector makes lights transmission and uniformity even worse. Instead we choose the high speed heat dissipating fans to cool down the light, more convenient and safer than the other plastic ABS products on the market. It can be even running safely 18hrs/day and makes no noise
  • High Efficiency&Energy Saving: It can replace up to 1000W HPS/MH and the VEG+BLOOM channel power is 255W±5%. Best hang height at 36″, core coverage area at 54″x 96″(4.5×8 ft), maximum coverage area at 96″x 96″(8×8 ft). It is more scientific and energy-efficient than HPS/HID/MH. It can most extend the lifespan and save the electricity bills, which is convenient for you
  • What You Get: 100% professional factory manufacturer direct selling, all products are produced with strict standards but lower price. we promise to provide 2 years warranty plus 30 days moneyback guarantee to valued customers who purchase from us. If there is any issue related to products or planting skills, please feel free to contact us anytime, our friendly customer service teams are always here with you

Product Description

Product Specifications:

  • Rated Power: 2400W
  • Actual Power: 240W±5%
  • LED Lamp Beads: 510pcs
  • Input Voltage: AC 85-265V
  • Working Temperature: -4℉-113℉ (-20℃-45℃)
  • Max Coverage at 18" Height: 4×2 ft
  • Core Coverage at 14" Height: 2×2 ft

Package Includes:

  • KS 2400W LED Grow Light x 1
  • Hanging Kits x 1
  • Power Cord (UK Standard) x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • Hanging Hook Kits x1
  • RJ12 Tandem Dimming Line x1

Suggested Hanging Distance:

Germination: 24-30 inch (60-75cm) / Seedling: 24 inch (60cm) / Veg: 18-24 inch (45cm) / Flowering: 12-18 inch (30-45cm)

Note: The unit should be installed at least 30cm above the plants, or it could cause burn. The perfect temperature and humidity are found between 75-85°F (25-30℃) and 50%-70% humidity with enough airflow CO₂ & 6-6.5 PH. You may add more calcium and magnesium than normally needed.

Warm Tips:

  • Ensure the light is placed in a well ventilated and dry environment.
  • In summer or hot environment, please use cooling fan to create a proper temperature for your plants.
  • The light is entirely IP54 with MEAN WELL power supply waterproof and partial LEDs waterproof.
  • To achieve the optimal lifespan and performance of your fixtures, routinely check for cleaning.
  • Cleaning should always be done with the fixture or using low-pressure compressed air with power off.


LM301H — Industry-leading SMD LEDs specially for horticulture lighting introduced by SAMSUNG. As the highest light output LED diodes now, this 2.9 μmol/J SMD light is brighter, higher efficiency and better canopy light penetration than LM301B, leading to 40% higher yield than other blue and purple lights.

OSRAM 6060/3W LEDs

New, higher performing OSRAM SSL family LED with well known superior robustness, high reliability, long lifetime, low thermal resistance. Perfectly addressing cultivation applications demanding for high efficiency and long lifetime requirement.


Compared to other unbranded drivers, we use more reliable and higher safety performance MEAN WELL driver with various global certifications. its lifespan lasts 50% longer than others.

Ultra Sunlike Full Spectrum

The ultra sunlike full spectrum lighting which provides plants at all stages from veg to flower with everything they need in the natural sunlight, turns your seeds into your own supply, produces beautiful high yielding plants. Also it will make indoor planting become easier and more convenient while saving you on energy costs.

Dimmable Knob Grow Light

Dimmable knob, It can adapt to the growth needs of plants in different periods. The first choice for beginners and professional growers alike.

Glue-Covered Technology

Glue process can protect LED chips and board. And its IP54 water resistance protection defends it against dust, mud and more.

100% Factory Direct Selling

We are professional factory manufacturer as well as merchant, focusing on the development and research of the new led lighting technology.

100% Quality Control

All of our products are produced with high quality materials and strict standards but lower prices.

100% Perfect Package

Always rest assured that all of our products are well packed in the best condition, just to bring you the most complete product experience.

Dimensions: 64.5 x 26.7 x 8.9 cm; 5.5 Kilograms
Manufacture: KOSCHEAL

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