De’Longhi TRDX40820E Oil Filled Radiator, Multicolour

De'Longhi TRDX40820E Oil Filled Radiator

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About this item

  • Curved design allows a better hot airflow
  • Easily set temperature, timer and manage power settings with the ergonomic turn and push controls
  • Night time setting keeps a comfortable temperature with reduced energy costs
  • Child secure, low surface temperature to avoid burns
  • Fluid oil filled that holds the heat generated for longer
  • Dimensions (wxdxh cm): 49.5×16.0x66.5
  • Maximum heating power: 2000W

Product description

Size Name:2kw

Heater can be set to come on and off at different times of each and every day with different temperature settings. This programmable radiator is supplied with an easy to use remote control unit. The curved element technology allows for better hot airflow diffusion towards the inner room space, therefore rooms are heated much quicker than they would be from a standard panel heater. The advanced electronics by incorporate a daily-weekly programming plus a child safety function which lowers the surface temperature, in addition this clever heater has night, comfort, antifreeze and Chrono mode settings, with the option of pilot wire control.

Weight: 15.9 kg
Dimensions: 70.8 x 54.4 x 17.6 cm; 15.9 Kilograms
Brand: De'Longhi
Model: TRDX40820E
Colour: Multicolour
Colour: Multicolour

From the manufacturer

Delonghi dragon 4 oil filled radiator
Dragon 4 TRDX40820E Oil filled radiator

Experience unparalleled comfort

Undergo the long-lasting warmth for rooms up to 75m3 thanks to the long thermal inertia of the oil inside this Delonghi Oil Filled Radiator. Set your temperature, timer and manage power settings with the push controls. Equipped with soft rubberised wheels, this is fully portable.

delonghi radiator

Soft rubberised wheels

New soft rubberised wheels makes manuvering the heater easy and are perfectly suited for every type of floor ensuring no marks or unwanted scratches are left

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Control panel with digital display

Elegant technology with digital display

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  1. uniform heat

    Intelligently selects the ideal comfort level

    Regulates the appliance based on the current room temperature to optimise energy consumption

  2. delonghi cord storage

    Durable cord holder

    Neatly designed wrap-around cord storage to ensure safe and easy storage when not in use

  3. Delonghi oil filled radiator

    Uniform warmth for rooms up to 75m3

    Room thermostat to set and automatically keep the desired temperature

  4. soft wheels

    Easy Wheels

    Patented pre-assembled castors to improve mobility straight out of the box.

  5. integrated handles

    Lift and move to your ideal location

    The handles located on each side of the radiator makes it easy to lift and move the appliance

1 Enjoying the heat 2 Cord storage 3 Long-lasting heat 4 Wheels 5 Easily moved

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