CO2 Beer Glass Chiller Froster

CO2 Beer Glass Chiller Froster

SALE PRICE: £333.33

  • Fast and convenient:Within just 5 seconds, you will get an ice cold glass,it could also work as a mini fridge, but a lot more efficient
  • Portable and compact: Portable,mini and compact to be used in kitchens, bars,hotels, restaurants
  • Easy and Safe to operate :No need electrical connection, Simply mount this instant glass cooler on the table or counter, connect CO2 tank and ready to go,then All you need is just to press the bowl on the glass chiller
  • Durable and classy:2 mm thick Aluminum material make it easy to clean and durable . Original aluminum color will enhance your bar class.
  • make a show:our co2 glass chiller has 2 LED lights Red and blue, it will shine together with the smoke generated by dry ice when it sublimates, it will be like a show, easy to get people’s attention.
Dimensions: 21.59 x 12.7 x 60.96 cm; 3.4 Kilograms
Model: IN-000
Batteries Included: 2 AA batteries required.
Manufacture: INNOVECO

Product Description

co2 glass freezer
co2 glass chiller

Unique Structure Design

Glass chiller

Glass Chiller

Glass Froster

Hood Sign

When the machine begin to work ,we put the glass under the hood,then we can get the cold glass.

the hood design is suitable for a variety of glass types

Mounting Bracket

The machine is designed to mount on table or other flat counter tops .

the hight of the machine is designed to meet the ergonomics ,it is east and relax for you to use

the thickness of the table requires between 0.6–3.15 inch

A Machine

Our machine is a chiller tool,it requires to connect with a CO2 tank,

the machine has its unique design to resist CO2's pressure

we use CO2's physical effects to chill our cups

It mounts onto tables or bar counter tops and dispenses carbon dioxide when its froster head is pushed.Thickness of desk should be between 15 and 80 mm;

The Chiller is a brilliant machine that sanitizes glassware in seconds and keeps drinks cooler longer, neither watering down nor altering the flavor and aroma of beverages;

It provides a layer of frost on the surface of our glasses.

co2 glass chiller
glass chiller

Iced Glass

We all don't like to pour wine into a warm glass because drinking warm wine a very strange feeling ,expecialy in summer,

our machine has the feature to chill the cup in seconds,it won't change the taste of any wine and can clean the cup at the same time.

Hope you catch a different experience!

glass chiller

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